The remarkable three

the baroque Palace Lichtenwalde, the hunt- and passion Palace Augustusburg and the Castle Scharfenstein.

  • Palace Lichtenwalde mit baroque Ensemble
    Palace and park build one lichtenwalde schloss
    lichtenwalde schloss
    one of the most remarkable baroque ensembles in Germany. The facility was built from 1722 to 1726 due to an order from a minister August des Starken lichtenwalde park
    lichtenwalde park
    and the park itself was established from his son. Till 1945 the earl of Vitzthum of Eckstädt lived in the palace. Today the special king room or the red saloon but also the palace chapel and tea house in the magnificent courtyard can be seen in a leadership. The historical reconstructed park with 10 hectares can compete with the big parks in Germany. From there a beautiful view over the river Zschopau invites you to stay.


  • the hunt - and passion Palace Augustusburg
    The place for the hunt and passion palace was well chosen on a 516-meter-high quartz porphyry hill over the Zschopautal. The building itself was built from 1568 to 1572. 400 years could do nothing to the monumental building and its charisma. Due to the location the palace is also called crone of the Erzgebirge. It is one of the prettiest renaissance palace in middle Europe.
    A lot of exhibitions can be found like the carriage museum, the hunt- and bird-lore museum, the palace dungeon or the legendary motorcycle museum.
  • Castle  Scharfenstein
    There aren’t lots of places where myth and magic of the Erzgebirge are so strong as on the castle Scharfenstein. Built around 1250 as the colonization took place due to the discovery of silver ore. The castle is one of the oldest in Saxony. For more than 750 years people live there which let to different building phases. For example, the castle tower was built around 1250 as well but the portal 400 years later.