is a very attractive old mountain town and capital of the “Erzgebirge”.

Here some worthwhile excursions:

  • Museum "Frohnauer Hammer":
    at the Sehmatalstraße 3 is the oldest museum of the city which is emerged from a 1436 built grain mill, which later served as a coin- and hammerforge.
  • "Adam-Ries-Haus" with Museum:
    at the Johannisgasse 23 you can explore the life and work of the master of mathematics-
  • "St. Annenkirche":
    located at the Große Kirchgasse 21 the St. Anne church is a late gothic hall church with a famous mountain altar and an unique panoramic view from the tower of the church to the historic city.

for more info visit the website of: Annaberg Buchholz