Dishes from pot and pan

Roast lamb saddle  12,75 €
butter beans and dumplings  
Marinated beef 11,25 €
red cabbage and dumplings  
Corned Cattle tongue 13,75 €
asparagus, dutch sauce and croquettes  
Rump steak with herb butter 19,75 €
asparagus, dutch sauce and croquettes  
Pork steak "Hawai" 10,75 €
vegetarian salads and roasted potatoes  
Swine comb snip 10,75 €
butter vegetables and salt potatoes  
Scrambled eggs with mushrooms 8,25 €
salt potatoes and vegetarian salads  
Vegetable variation 9,75 €
asparagus, mushrooms, broccoli, brussels sprouts,  
carrots, butter beans and salt potatoes  
Upon request, you are also small portions served.